As a teacher turned technologist, I live in both the instructional and infrastructure worlds, and I believe in learning and sharing what you know. What I know isn’t extensive, but it’s from up-close in the K12 edtech world. In my position, I don’t have the luxury of getting to be a subject-matter expert because my hands are in something new every day, serving at the whims of whatever is broken, or on a good day serving to prevent something from breaking in the future. Accordingly, the nature of this page is haphazard and will jump between a lot of disconnected worlds that make up the K12 edtech universe in real life.

At the end of the day, my goal here is that I just want to do my part to advance the profession, and eventually rope others into helping create content so I can learn more, too.

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Anything K12 edtech is fair game - instructional, infrastructure, incident response, tools, tips, tricks, deployment, data privacy, diagnostics, etc., etc. Any opinions are our own and do not represent the opinions of any organization or corporation.


Technologist. Trainer. Recovering English Teacher. CISSP | CASP+ | CCSP | SSCP | Cloud+ | PenTest+ | ECIH | ECES | ITIL | CySA+ | A+ | Net+ | Sec+ | Project+ | Server+ | M.S. Curriculum & Instruction | B.A. English | B.S. Cybersecurity
Hello world! CompTIA A+ | CompTIA Network+ | CompTIA Security + Associates in System Administrations Azure and Intune Enthusiast