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Annotating PDFs in Edge

No Acrobat or Skeezy Random Downloads Required

To annotate PDFs in Edge…

  1. Open the PDF in Edge. You can do this in Edge by clicking by File—>Open and selecting the PDF, or find the file in your File Explorer —> Right Click on it —> Open With —> Edge. If you end up using this as your workflow, setting Edge as your default program for PDFs will have all PDFs open in Edge, which will give you the smoothest experience.

  2. Find the Toolbar. There will be a toolbar at the top of the PDF with tools for annotation:

  3. Use the Tools. Select and use the tool you want to use (Draw, Highlight, Add Text, Erase)

  4. Save. When finished, click the “Save” icon in the toolbar. This will update the PDF with your annotations

  5. Submit. Turn it in via Canvas, Google Classroom, Blackboard, or wherever your students turn in their work.

P.S. —> This is my first post with the beta video page option in Substack, so sorry for the hum in the background. I have a switch running under my desk that I’ll turn off in the future 😉

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EdTech IRL
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